• Why have an Infopoint?

    • Free phone for taxis and travel information
    • Promote sustainable transport
    • Ideal payphone replacement/alternative
    • Improve customer experience and access
    • Easy to use at no cost to you

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  • Infopoint free phone solutions

    Adding value

    Infopoint help-points improve customer experience and access to services. They allow your customers, visitors and staff to make free calls to taxi companies, public transport information lines, customer service departments or partner organisations – the list is endless and you can choose which service providers are featured on your help-points.

    The service is funded by local taxi operators, so it’s free to site owners and operators, who see it as a simple, zero cost way to provide customer support and access to services.

    TOTAL service

    We provide a TOTAL service to site owners and operators. We provide the equipment and signage, install and fully maintain it, pay all telephone charges, select, vet, manage and improve the performance of your taxi provider and their operation, monitor and provide usage statistics, review and continually strive to improve performance. Calls to the other services you feature on your help-points are also free to you and to them.

    Promote the use of sustainable transport

    Infopoint help-points help you and your customers to reduce your carbon footprint by encouraging the use of public transport, easing pressure on car parks and saving you and your customers money.

    Complete peace of mind in the product, service and the people behind it

    Infopoint help-point electronics are designed to operate (and not break down) in the harshest possible environments. Infopoint’s team have many years’ experience of the UK taxi, private hire and public transport market. Installation is simple, quick and we take care of every aspect for you.

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