The industry-leading taxi free phone and help point solution

Infopoint help points are exceptionally user-friendly. Simply lift the handset and push the button to access the service you require.

But this simplicity conceals some intelligent technology, with automatic fault detection and remote call logging to collect usage data.

Buttons can be programmed to call to any internal number or external UK landline – all free to the user. We can even reprogramme buttons remotely should the relevant number change.

Reliable performance

Our units are extremely robust, with a tough metal casing, armoured handset cable, magnetic hookswitch and the same rugged electronic components found in roadside emergency phones. A GSM option is available on all units for sites with limited telephone line capacity.

Complete service

Our complete service includes telephone line installation, cabling (we use your nominated cabling contractor), installation of the Infopoint units, made-to-measure backboards and signage, as well as ongoing monitoring and maintenance of all equipment.

Standard features on all Infopoint units:

  • Hearing aid-compatible audio induction loop
  • Large, easy-to-use push buttons
  • Vandal-resistant enclosure and electronics
  • GSM option – no telephone line required
  • Remote fault monitoring
  • Fully customisable with your branding
  • Bespoke signage and backboards included.

Upgrade your existing
taxi free phone

Replace your existing taxi phones with high-quality Infopoint units, free of charge

  • Improve taxi performance for your customers
  • Produce more bookings and happy taxi operators
  • Helping taxi operators provide a better service

Infopoint 3

Perfect for busy reception desks where space is limited, or for temporary installation at events or during refurbishment.

  • Call up to 3 numbers
  • Can be desk- or wall-mounted

Download tech spec
INF0004-Infopoint-3-Product-Sheet.pdf 1.8Mb

Infopoint 6

Our most popular unit. The ideal replacement for a wall-mounted payphone or taxi free phone, providing free calls to taxi firm and up to five additional services.

  • Call up to 6 numbers
  • Robust and user-friendly

Download tech spec
INF0004-Infopoint-6-Product-Sheet.pdf 1.7Mb

Infopoint 12

When even more additional services are required, the Infopoint 12 follows the same compact, easy-to-use design as the Infopoint 6 but with twice as many stored numbers.

  • Call up to 12 numbers
  • Simple, user-friendly design

Download tech spec
INF0004-Infopoint-12-Product-Sheet.pdf 1.9Mb

Infopoint Directory

Free calls to up to 55 internal or external numbers via 2-digit speed dial. Dedicated 'Taxi' button connects directly to a taxi dispatch. Poster directory can carry maps and other useful information.

  • Call up to 55 numbers
  • Integrated poster directory

Download tech spec
INF0004-Infopoint-Directory-Product-Sheet.pdf 1.5Mb

GSM taxi free phones

Using GSM mobile phone technology, our smart GSM taxi free phones offer a simple way to offer free taxi calling in additional locations or in places where a vandal-resistant solution isn't required.

  • No landline required
  • Simply lift the receiver to call a taxi

Backboards & Signage

All Infopoint units come with made-to-measure backboards and signage, completely customisable to meet your requirements.

  • Customised and made-to-measure
  • Incorporates your logo and branding

Feature comparison table

Infopoint 3 Infopoint 6 Infopoint 12 Infopoint Directory GSM Taxi Phone
Size (HWD) not including backboard 320 x 370x 62mm 870 x 360 x 100mm 870 x 905 x 100 mm 870 x 905 x 100mm 90 x 200 x 210 mm
Max stored numbers (including taxi) 3 6 12 55 1
Hearing aid induction loop
Remote fault monitoring
Remote number reprogramming
Connection Landline (PSTN), private network (PAPX), or mobile network (GSM) Landline (PSTN), private network (PAPX), or mobile network (GSM) Landline (PSTN), private network (PAPX), or mobile network (GSM) Landline (PSTN), private network (PAPX), or mobile network (GSM) Mobile network (GSM) only
Power supply Telephone line or mains adaptor (GSM) Telephone line or mains adaptor (GSM) Telephone line or mains adaptor (GSM) Telephone line or mains adaptor (GSM) Mains adaptor only
Mounting options Desktop or wall-mounted Wall-mounted Wall-mounted Wall-mounted Desktop or wall-mounted

Download feature comparison table
Infopoint_feature_comparison_table.pdf 1.4Mb

Information and Emergency Help Points

In most cases, our service is entirely funded by the taxi operator. However, in locations where taxi usage is low or not required, we can also supply, install and maintain the full range of Infopoint units for use as independent information and emergency help points, all for a low monthly fee. Find out more

Find out more