Infopoint help-points

Thousands of people every day use Infopoint help-points for free, simple and convenient access to services.

All Infopoint help-points are free to use. You can’t put any money in them. The units are pre-programmed to dial a specific number when the appropriate button is pressed.

The numbers/services which can be called are customised to individual site level. For example, if you have three units in different areas of your premises, you can have different services on each one, making the content relevant to users of the particular areas where they’re installed.

Here are a few of the standard features available on all units:

• Hearing Aid compatible induction loop.
• Large, easy to use, high quality metal electronic push buttons
• Vandal resistant electronics and enclosure
• Daily/weekly/monthly usage analysis
• GSM option – fast and flexible
• Remote monitoring of faults, health status and pre-emptive maintenance

Infopoint provide all signage and backboard solutions free of charge and these can be customised to your requirements. See here for some examples of backboards.

Infopoint’s range includes the Infopoint 3Infopoint 6 and the Infopoint Directory unit. Please choose from the three types of  unit below

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