Leisure & retailAdding value for your customers

  • Improve the customer experience
  • High-quality taxi service, fully vetted and managed by us
  • Zero cost to you

Taxis are vital for getting customers to and from busy leisure and retail sites, but a poor quality taxi service can ruin the customer experience and reflect badly on you. We make sure this does not happen.

All taxi operators are thoroughly vetted and actively managed by us under a strict SLA covering everything from fares and response times to vehicle condition, driver conduct and compliance with anti-bribery legislation. In this way, we ensure that your customers receive only the highest standards of service

No cost to you

Our complete service – which includes equipment, installation, call charges and ongoing maintenance – is entirely funded by the taxi operator.

Extremely robust and vandal-resistant, our range of Infopoint units can be fully customised to match your decor and branding.

Additional buttons can be programmed to call any UK landline. By offering free access to a range of information and help lines, Infopoint will add value for your customers and reduce the burden on front-line staff and busy reception desks..

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I've been impressed by infopoint's ability to formalise taxi provision, extracting and maintaining the maximum performance for each venue without any disruption to services
Paul Swendell, Purchasing Director, Rank Group

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