Information & Emergency Help Points

Independent help points for a low monthly fee.

  • Vandal-resistant help points
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance
  • Low monthly fee

We can supply, install and maintain the full range of Infopoint units for use as independent information and emergency help points, all for a low monthly fee.

In many cases, our complete service is funded by the local taxi operator in return for the fares generated. But this doesn’t suit all sites. Sometimes the location may not generate sufficient business for the taxi firm. In other cases, site operators want to provide help points for their own purposes, without a taxi free phone button.

No capital expenditure

For a low monthly fee, we can provide exactly the same comprehensive service. This includes the installation, setup and maintenance of the Infopoint units, with remote fault monitoring, monthly usage reports and a 48-hour repair guarantee.

Available 24/7

Our help points are used nationwide to provide 24-hour access to everything from visitor information and customer service lines to confidential advice, counselling helplines and emergency services.

Infopoint help points

Our robust, vandal-resistant help points are exceptionally easy to use. They can be programmed with up to 55 numbers, which can include both internal extensions and external numbers, all free to call for the user.

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