TransportTaxi free phone and passenger information

  • Improve the passenger experience
  • Free to use
  • Zero cost to you

Infopoint’s free help points can be found in bus, rail and coach stations, airports and ferry terminals throughout the UK.

Extremely durable and vandal-resistant, an Infopoint provides free, user-friendly access to taxis and passenger information services. These can include bus and train information, your customer service team and tourist information – the choice is yours.

Better facilities, zero cost

Our help points don’t just save your staff time by taking care of passenger enquiries. They also come with zero capital or operational expenditure attached.

Our complete service – which includes equipment, installation and ongoing maintenance – is entirely funded by the local taxi operator. At transport terminals with existing exclusive taxi concessions, our service can often be funded by other sources or financed directly.

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Installation of the Infopoint help point enables the Travel & Visitor Information Centre to provide a high level of information to the local community and visitors. Additionally, Infopoint allows additional ‘out of hours’ information to be given thereby meeting guidelines set out by VisitBritain.
Rosemary Lavender, Tourism Manager, Warrington Borough Council Trust

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