Infopoint produces a range of free phone help-points connecting customers quickly and easily to services and information. They are the ideal solution for your transport terminal helping you save staff time and, importantly, providing an essential and added-value service to end users.

Infopoint’s help-points are already being used at bus, rail, coach and ferry terminals, and airports throughout the UK.

Every transport provider’s needs are different so Infopoint’s range includes the Infopoint 3, Infopoint 6 and Infopoint Directory containing up to 80 pre-programmed numbers.


Infopoint can provide the service completely free of charge through the income we receive from the taxi operators. However we know that a lot of transport terminals already have exclusive arrangements in place for taxi provision. Examples are airport arrivals lounges with taxi desk concessions and train stations with taxi ranks outside. The service can often be funded from other sources. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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