Upgrade your existing taxi free phone

Taxi free phones

Taxi firms have been installing their own taxi free phones in other people’s premises for a long time now. The phones are normally provided free of charge and the individual taxi operators are responsible for buying, installing  and maintaining their own telephone handset, telephone line, socket and cabling.

The problem is, the telephones used are not particularly robust, making them prone to malfunction or to vandalism from rival taxi firms. They can also quickly become unsightly.

What if it breaks or stops working? Who calls who? Who will carry out the repair? Are they qualified? Insured? What about complaints? How do you monitor the legal and operational performance of the taxi operator? Are you sure you’re protected in relation to the Anti-Bribery Act? Do you have a contract of any kind?

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So much more than just a taxi free phone

Most of the Infopoint help-points we install are as direct replacements to existing taxi free phones. You benefit from having a smart, brand new, robust and user-friendly system which provides touch-button free phone access to taxis, public transport information and other services specified by you.

Quality and reliability

When your taxi free phones break down, or their rubber handset cords are cut by rival taxi operators, it reflects badly on everyone. Our units are extremely robust with a tough steel casing, armoured cable, magnetic hookswitch and the same rugged electronic components that are used in emergency phones on oil rigs and motorways. They also self diagnose and report remotely.

Managing and improving taxi performance for your customers

The taxi journey is the final leg of your customers’ experience and the quality, price and performance of the individual taxi operation reflects on your business. All taxi operators are fully vetted and provide copies of their Operators’ Licences and public liability insurance documents, giving you total peace of mind. They also sign up to a Service Level Agreement so your customers receive the best possible service.  We monitor usage and provide you with weekly, monthly or quarterly usage statistics. We monitor and continually strive to improve the performance of your taxi service.

Robust, user-friendly units produce more bookings and happy taxi operators

Infopoint units are eye-catching, designed for purpose, robust and easy to use. According to our taxi customers, they generate significantly more bookings than plastic telephone handsets.  We regularly replace own-phones with Infopoints for our taxi customers.

Helping taxi operators provide a better service

Infopoint is a member of ACT Travelwise and we are working with industry partners and experts to develop a workable taxi sharing model for our customers. We are also developing a suite of resources to help taxi operators and their drivers reduce and report on the emissions from bookings made through our systems.


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