Leisure & retail

Infopoint provides a range of free phone help-points connecting customers quickly and easily to services and information. Installed and maintained at absolutely no cost to you they are the ideal solution for your leisure or retail outlet – saving staff time, cutting phone bills and providing an added-value service to customers.

Many venues already have taxi free phones installed.  These are typically plastic telephones which provide free calls to a local taxi operator.  They are normally positioned behind the reception desk for staff to call taxis on behalf of customers, or fixed to a wall in a public area.  The taxi operator installs and maintains this phone free of charge in return for the additional business it generates.  Very few companies have contracts in place for this facility or any way of monitoring or managing performance. See how we can help you.

These relationships represent concessions. These concessions generate a significant amount of revenue for the taxi operators concerned and many are in breach of the Anti-Bribery Act 2010.

The units can be customised to incorporate your brand logo and identity.  Our in-house design team will work closely with you on the design of your help-points to ensure they complement your current branding.


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