Infopoint telephone help points improve patient experience in over 150 hospitals across the UK

Infopoint is the UK’s leading supplier of free phone help points and has been providing a unique service to hospitals and primary care providers across the UK for more than a decade.

The help points, which are usually located in hospital entrance and exit points, include a range of free lines to information and support services, helplines and taxi providers giving patients and visitors quick and convenient access to services when they need them, helping to improve the patient experience.

Elaine Clark, Chair of IPEG (Improving Patient Experience Group), said:

“I am often at Queens attending meetings or manning a stand in the Atrium and I have personally witnessed how often the Infopoint is used there, especially by patients and visitors wanting cabs. It is good that patients have this service, especially at no cost to them and the ease of use to access the services covered by Infopoint is excellent. In my opinion as a Patient Representative, any service that can help the patient, advise them of other services available, make contact easy and come at no cost is a very rare occurrence and one I feel does a very essential and valuable job”.

Following the installation of the help points, Infopoint provides regular usage reports, immediate support and assistance, and the ability to redirect calls to alternative numbers if any lines are down.

Working together with their clients and the taxi operators that serve them, Infopoint aims to develop lasting partnerships that bring tangible benefits to all sides.

Sarah Bennison, Infopoint’s Operations Director, said:
“Infopoint phone points are a valuable asset to hospitals that provide immediate free support, advice and ongoing help to patients who need it.
NHS trusts and Hospitals can choose which organisations they want to be contactable from each of their own help points. We then set it all up for them, and install and maintain the system.”

If you are an NHS trust, local authority or taxi operator and would like to find out more about Infopoint help points and how we can help you, please click HERE to contact us.