About us

Every day, thousands of people use Infopoint help-points – wall or desk-mounted free phones for calling taxis, travel information, customer service, helplines and other useful services.

Your customers use them for free, simple and convenient telephone access to services which aren’t provided nearby or on site, but which improve or add value to your customers’ experience at your premises.

Based in Cambridge, Infopoint has already installed over 900 of its free phone help-points in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Units are located in hospitals, health centres, universities, casinos, rail and coach stations, bingo halls, police stations, hotels and local government buildings.

Experts in our field

We are members of ACT Travelwise, the UK’s premier network for all organisations working to promote sustainable travel. We have a large network of contacts and partners in local and national government, planning, building design and public transport and have many years experience in dealing with the taxi and private hire market. We also have one of the most comprehensive, up to date databases of all taxi and private hire companies in the UK.

Taxi sharing and carbon emissions reporting

We are working with industry partners and experts to develop a workable taxi sharing model for our customers. We are also developing a suite of resources to help taxi operators and their drivers reduce and report on performance and emissions from bookings made through our systems and elsewhere.

Easy to use, robust, reliable, future-proof kit

Infopoint help-points are very easy to use and very difficult to break. They can be configured or retro-fitted to operate on a variety of channels, including standard analogue phone lines (PSTN) and GSM.

No hassle, no cost

Infopoint’s experienced team will guide you through the set-up and installation process and will take care of it all for you. We’ll conduct an initial consultation to determine your needs and help you pick the right product for you. All units feature Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology (SMART) allowing them to be reprogrammed remotely. After installation Infopoint’s engineers will inspect and maintain the unit on a regular basis, all with no charge.

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