• Why have an Infopoint?

    • Free phone for taxis and travel information
    • Promote sustainable transport
    • Ideal payphone replacement/alternative
    • Improve customer experience and access
    • Easy to use at no cost to you

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  • Infopoint benefits

    Completely free of charge

    Infopoint help-points are installed, run and maintained at absolutely no cost to you or your customers.

    Save staff time and improve productivity

    By enabling your customers and visitors to access certain service and information providers directly, your staff are freed up to focus on other tasks like handling more complicated, face-to-face enquiries. Hours upon hours of staff time is spent calling taxi companies and providing basic transport and other information which can all be handled quickly and easily by an Infopoint help-point.

    Reduce overheads by cutting phone bills

    Calls using Infopoint help-points are free of charge to the user and free you. The cost of the calls is billed directly to Infopoint and is not passed on to you. This will reduce your telephone bill as calls to taxis and other numbers are covered by Infopoint.

    Promote sustainable travel plans

    Many organisations are seeking to implement green travel initiatives to increase the use of public transport and help reduce the number of journeys made using private vehicles. An Infopoint help-point with a free telephone link to an information provider like Traveline or local bus or rail stations makes it easier for people to use public transport. Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust installed Infopoint help-points as part of its sustainable travel plan helping to achieve their goals by reducing the number of cars on the road.

    Complete service provision

    An Infopoint representative will visit you, with no obligation, to discuss your needs and assess the potential locations for your help-point(s). Should you decide to go ahead, one of our team will work closely with you to decide upon the right product for you and agree which services and information providers you would like to link to. Then, an engineer will arrange a convenient time to install the product, demonstrate its operation and will return to maintain the unit at regular intervals. We are also keen to hear any feedback from your end users.


    Infopoint help-points are designed to ensure ease of use for everyone. Their simple push-button operation means the units are intuitive and do not disadvantage the elderly or those who are not computer literate.

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